Chainsaw Art - Reclaimed Wood

Artist from Zimbabwe Africa who has a natural talent for turning wood into beautiful artwork.

In The News: Large crowd turns out for annual Whittle the Wood festival in Craig (Click to Read)

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World Famous Chainsaw Artist & Musician
Bongo is a world renowned master carver Born and raised in Zimbabwe Bongo started carving at an early age carving soapstone and serpentine with hand made tools.

Currently based in the USA Bongo has participated in some of the biggest carving events in the world placing in some of them.

Started carving with a chainsaw in 2006 at one of Colorado’s prestigious competition whittle the wood rendezvous an annual competition held in Craig Colorado on the other hand bongo is a talented musician who has shared the stage with some of the big musicians in the world.

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Chainsaw Art & Music
Chainsaw Art
Looking for a special gift for your home or a loved one? Choose from a variety of beautiful items already carved.
Custom Pieces
Bongo Love can create any custom piece for a client on-site or off site. Call to schedule a quote or visit today!
Looking for great music at your event or party? Everyone loves Bongo Loves music & would be perfect for any musical line up or private show.
Carving Event
Enjoy watching Bongo Love & other talented carvers at Chainsaw Carving Competitions here in the USA & worldwide.